Track your mood and get AI advice with Moodlight

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Track your mood every day

Establish a daily mood-tracking habit for a visual representation of how your emotional state evolves over time.


Understand your emotional triggers

Accurately identify your emotions and their root causes. Learn to recognize your triggers, so you can make positive changes to avoid or overcome them.


Get AI-powered guidance

Record your mood, specify your emotions and their triggers, add more details about your current situation and you’ll receive tailored advice to help you manage your daily challenges.


01. Improve emotional awareness and regulation

Regular mood tracking helps you understand and manage your emotions better, reducing mood swings and fostering positivity.

02. Support mental health

Mood tracking, journaling, and AI advice empower you to address mental health issues, improving your overall well-being.

03. Increase productivity and enjoyment of life

Knowing your mood patterns lets you plan your day to work with your emotions, not against them. And personalized advice keeps you feeling fresh and positive, so you can make the most of your time.

04. Strengthen relationships

Mood tracking enhances communication skills and emotional intelligence, improving your connections with others.


Finally, the mood tracker I’ve been looking for! I was advised by my therapist to track my mood. After trying various apps, this one stands out! It addresses my fluctuating moods due to ADHD. I hope for more custom emotions. I love it!

Estefany A.

Best app ever! This app is really fantastic. It makes me more aware of my emotions and my way of living. Moodlight also serves as a daily reminder to pause and contemplate. I highly recommend it!                                                    


As a teenager it's hard to tell your parents what you want this honestly is the best part of my day and this app feels like online therapy. Reflecting on my day helps immensely. Highly recommend, especially for teens.        


I enjoy how this app helps connect me to my emotions and my feelings every day that I otherwise would oversee and neglect. It's a daily guide on understanding oneself. Love it!    

Mental Knee Daily Check

This emotional tracker greatly impacted my life. Its design and features make it a game-changer for understanding and managing emotions.


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Record and analyze your moods, emotions, and triggers so you can better manage how you feel each day.
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